2 LAP triangle turns from the Gulf of Vercurago – Lecco


A challenging path with 1500 mt of total active altitude on roads that have made great world cycling in Italy through the classic of the Giro d’Italia, Giro di Lombardia, Cup Agostoni. The “launch” section from Vercurago to Galbiate is 5km to be traversed only at the start and end of the trail, while the Garlate-Galbiate climb is 2.5km long with 6% average slope, while the return will be very fast downhill. The three rings to begin begin at Galbiate and then progressively cross the communes of Oggiono, Ello, Dolzago, Colle Brianza, Rovagnate, Olgiate Molgora, Colle Brianza, Galbiate. At every turn there are the climbs. Oggiono-Ello 2km with 5% average slope. .Olgiate Molgora-Colle Brianza 5km with 4.5% average slope.


The competition course NOT be closed to vehicular traffic, but regulated by a temporary closure, therefore, there will be volunteers of the organization or law enforcement at each crossing / dangerous point, the athletes will have the obligation to respect the highway code and will strictly forbidden to exceed the center line of the road immediate disqualification.

Given the challenging aspect of the game, every move that goes beyond the rules of the road will still be useless for the final ranking and therefore considered to be dangerous un’azzardo for the athlete’s safety and any other parties which alone can make the Unlike either by bike or on foot will be the condition of the participant, any other risky behavior will be subject to immediate disqualification.

Those who DO NOT accept this condition of competition are requested not to show up at the start to avoid problems and unnecessary post-race controversy.



Spectacular flat ring around Lake Lecco, Garlate and Olginate, on the banks of the River Adda, a path in the green nature lake and also rich in historical insights so dear to Manzoni as Ward Pescarenico Piazza Era, Piazza del Pesce, Ponte Azzone Visconti and his reborn Island Visconti.

A journey full of fun and different characteristics, a path completely flat with a thousand colors and a hundred faces, a perfect companion for adventure that will bring hands every athlete on the final goal in LeccoCity.


.SWIM(2 lap)

.BIKE 2 laps

.RUN(n°1 giro)